Cacao energy balls

I tried everything to fight against the Turkish and Italian cultures where people love to give candies, chocolate to kids even when they are tiny babies.  I avoided refined sugar, candies and industrial chocolate until Mina was 2,5 years old.  Then she started the school, i started to loose the battle more and more.  She is almost 5 i’m still trying… at least at home… here is a simple recipe that pleases her and even me and I LOOOVE CHOCOLATE, yes i do.

cacao energy balls

Green chickpea avocado hummus

I’ve never seen the chickpeas in the fresh form before…Well there is a first time for everything.  I go every friday to the weekly farmer’s market in our neighborhood.  Its lovely to buy all the seasonal fresh food ingredients.  Week’s surprise was the green garbanzo/chickpeas.  I brought them home and cleaned them with the help of my daughter as it was a fun game for her, and made a delicious hummus with avocado…